School Work Grading Rubric Chart


Sample Rubric
By: Lisa Yokana /// @lyokana59
Work lacks understanding of
Work shows some
Work reflects understanding
Work shows a mastery
concepts, materials and skills.
understanding of concepts,
of concepts and materials,
of skills and reflects a deep
materials and skills.
as well as use of skills
understanding of concepts
discussed in class.
and materials.
Developing exploration
Student explores multiple
Student passively attempts
Consistently displays
of possible solutions and
solutions and innovative
to fulfill assignment without
willingness to try multiple
innovative thinking.
thinking develops and
much thought or explora-
solutions and ask thought
tion of possibilities. Student
Student has more than
expands during project.
provoking questions, leading
refuses to explore more
one idea but does not
to deeper, more distinctive
than one idea.
results. Student fully explores
multiple ideas and iterations.
Student shows little
Student demonstrates some
Student shows self-aware-
Work reflects a deep
awareness of their
self-awareness. Work shows
ness. Work demonstrates
understanding of the
process. The work does
some understanding of
understanding of content
complexities of the
not demonstrate under-
content, but student cannot
and most decisions are
content. Every decision
standing of content.
justify all of their decisions.
conscious and justified.
is purposeful and
Work is messy and
Work is somewhat messy
Work is neat and
Work is impeccable and
craftsmanship detracts
and craftsmanship
craftsmanship is solid.
shows extreme care and
from overall presentation.
detracts somewhat from
thoughtfulness in its
overall presentation.
Frequent illegal absences,
Student is sometimes
Student is most often
Student is consistently
tardiness, disrespect for
illegally absent, tardy,
present, on time, and
present, punctual, and
classmates and teacher.
or disrespectful. Must be
respectful. Usually
respectful of classmates
Disregard for materials and
persuaded to assist in
participates willingly
and teacher. Self-directed
work such as refusal to clean
clean up and to take
in clean up and takes
clean up and ownership
up or throwing out work.
work home.
pride in work.
of work.
Work is not completed
Work complete but it
Completed work in an
Completed work with
in a satisfactory manner.
lacks finishing touches
above average manner, yet
excellence and exceeded
Student shows minimal
or can be improved with
more could have been done.
teacher expectations.
effort. Student does not
a little effort. Student does
Student needs to go one
Student exhibited exem-
use class time effectively.
just enough to meet
step further to achieve
plary commitment to
the project.


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