Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement - Limited Liability Company


This Company Agreement of this LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY organized pursuant to the Montana
Limited Liability Company Act, is entered into and shall become effective as of the Effective Date by and
among the Company and the persons executing this Agreement as Members. It is the Members express
intention to create a limited liability company in accordance with the Act, as currently written or
subsequently amended or redrafted. Therefore, all provisions of this document shall be construed
consistent with the afore described intent of the Members. Accordingly, in consideration of the
conditions contained herein, he/she/they agree as follows:
Company Formation
FORMATION. The Members hereby form a Limited Liability Company ("Company")
subject to the provisions of the Montana Limited Liability Company Act as currently in
effect as of this date. Articles of Organization shall be filed with the Montana Secretary
of State.
REGISTERED OFFICE AND AGENT. The location and name of the registered agent shall
be as stated in the Articles of Organization.
TERM. The Company shall continue for a perpetual period.
(a) Members whose capital interest as defined in Article 2.2 exceeds 50 percent vote for
dissolution; or
(b) Any event which makes it unlawful for the business of the Company to be carried on
by the Members; or
(c) The death, resignation, expulsion, bankruptcy, retirement of a Member or the
occurrence of any other event that terminates the continued membership of a Member
of the Company; or
(d) Any other event causing dissolution of this Limited Liability Company under
applicable state laws.
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