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Ethical Leadership Self-Assessment Tool
About this self-assessment tool
This self-assessment tool is designed to be used in conjunction with the ethical leadership
video and primer, Ethical Leadership: Fostering an Ethical Environment & Culture. The
tool will help you identify areas in which you’re successfully modeling behaviors that foster
an ethical environment and culture, as well as highlight opportunities for improvement. It’s
designed for leaders at the senior executive and mid-manager (division/department/service
line manager) levels as defined in VA’s High Performance Development Model (HPDM).
For more information about the competencies for each level, please see the “Competency
Definitions” ( ).
How to use the tool
This tool will challenge you to think about your own leadership behaviors. Each question
suggests a behavior or skill you may wish to develop. Each leader’s situation is unique—
think about your local situation and whether increasing your use of the behavior or skill
could improve your leadership practice and thereby your local ethical environment. There
are no right or wrong answers. For this reason, no mechanism is provided to enable you to
calculate an overall score or compare your responses to those of other leaders.
After you complete the tool
Immediately following the self-assessment questions, you’ll find an action plan. Use it to
identify opportunities to improve your leadership practice and local ethical environment and
Ethical Leadership Self-Assessment
Please check one answer for each of the following items:
I. Demonstrate that ethics is a priority
Occasionally Frequently
I tell my staff to make ethics a priority.
I use examples or stories from my facility or my
experience to illustrate the importance of ethics.
I initiate discussions of ethical concerns.
In a typical day, I think about ethical issues.
I demonstrate that I am sensitive to ethical issues in
my everyday work.
I object when someone seems to be ignoring, avoiding,
or smoothing over an important ethical issue.


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