Apa 6th Edition Corrected Quick View Sample Pages


Edition Corrected Quick-View Sample Pages
Running head is flush left in
Page numbers flush
1 inch margins on
the header of every page. It
right in the header.
all sides, all pages.
is shortened title of max 50
characters, all capitalized.
Text should be double-spaced.
Keep the author’s
Single spacing can only be used
name uniform in
as needed in tables or figures.
all publications.
Title is concise in
12 words or less.
Affiliation at time of study
Indent paragraphs and
block quotations ½ inch.
Title information stays in
Font should be 12-pt
the top half of the page.
Times New Roman.
Do not justify text
in the right margin.
Note: The prefix “Running head:” before the
shortened title is only used on the title page.
Abstract heading is not bold;
it is centered at top of page 2.
No indent
Author’s Note is only
used for publication.
The Abstract is typically between 150-250 words,
depending upon the paper requirements. It should be
an accurate, concise, objective, and specific summary
of the whole paper without evaluation or opinion.


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