Table Of Contents


Table of Contents
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Activity-Chapter Matrix
Activity 1:Terms for Research and Multisensory Teaching
Activity 2: Multisensory Teaching
Activity 3:The Brain
Activity 4:Terms for Oral Language
Activity 5:Terms for Phonological Awareness and Alphabet Knowledge
Activity 6: Phonemes: Vowels
Activity 7: Consonant Phonemes: Place of Articulation
Activity 8: Consonant Phonemes: Blocked, Partially Blocked, Unblocked
Activity 9: Phonemes: Voiced and Unvoiced
Activity 10: Consonant Phonemes: Cognates
Activity 11: Consonant Phonemes: Continuant and Clipped
Activity 12: Phoneme Checklist
Activity 13: Phoneme Checklist
Activity 14:Classification of Phonemes
Activity 15: Phonemic Awareness Activities
Activity 16: How Many Phonemes?
Activity 17: How Many Phonemes?
Activity 18: Same Phoneme?
Activity 19: Same Phoneme?
Activity 20: How Many Letters and How Many Phonemes?
Activity 21: How Many Letters and How Many Phonemes?
Activity 22: Letter Shapes and Names
Try This 1: Rapid Letter Recognition
Activity 23: Quartiles for Dictionary Work
Activity 24: Guide Words for Dictionary Work
Try This 2: Dictionary Relay
Activity 25: Clues for Identifying Word Origins
Activity 26:Identifying Word Origin
Try This 3: Sorting Words by Origins
Activity 27: Identifying Word Origin
Try This 4: Word Origin Concentration Game
Activity 28: Terms for Assessment of Reading Difficulties
Activity 29: Terms for Planning Multisensory Lessons and the Classroom Environment
Activity 30: Planning Lessons for Phonological Awareness, Alphabet Knowledge and History
of Language
Activity 31: Sound-Symbol Correspondences
Activity 32: Practice Words
Activity 33: Writing Dialogues to Make Words
Activity 34: Planning Lessons for Beginning Reading
Activity 35: Reading Patterns
Activity 36: Hard and Soft c and g
Activity 37: Letter Clusters
Activity 38: How Many Letters and How Many Graphemes?
Activity 39: How Many Letters and How Many Graphemes?
Activity 40: Syllable Type Definitions


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