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General Information
Lookups of driving, personal identification and vehicle records are available for $11.00 for each record lookup. Certifications cost an
additional $1.00 per record. If no record is found, you are still responsible for paying the lookup fee(s).
Fill out as much information about your request as you can. Accurate and complete information will help us locate the record(s) you
want. Please include a daytime telephone number in case we have questions about your request.
All requestors must select at least one of the permissible purposes in Section 7 if personal information contained in the record is need-
ed. Personal information will be redacted (not revealed) if the requestor has not designated a permissible purpose.
Section 1
Please complete all sections that comply with your request for information.
Sections 2, 3 and 7
Must be completed for your request to be processed.
Section 5 - Driving Records and Personal Identification Card Information
For driving record or personal identification card records, include as much detail in Section 5 as possible. If you just need the name,
address, or driving status, request the current record only. If you check more than one box, you will be charged for each record lookup.
If you only need a driving or personal identification record, do not complete Section 6; otherwise, you will also
be charged for the vehicle record lookup(s).
Sections 6a & 6b - Vehicle Registration or Title Information
6a. For vehicle information, include as much detail as possible. The owner’s name should be the owner of record, not a purchaser who
has not yet titled the vehicle. If you just need name, address, or ownership verification, request only a current title record. If you re-
quest both a registration record and current title information, you will be charged for multiple records (at least $22.00). Information
about vehicle proof of insurance is not retained and is not available.
For watercraft, snowmobile, ORV, mobile home records handicap placards or plates, complete Section 6, Vehicle Registration or Title
Information, substituting the watercraft, snowmobile registration or handicap placard/plate number for the license plate number or
substituting the watercraft hull or mobile home serial number for the vehicle identification number. Include as much information as you
can about the watercraft, snowmobile, ORV, or mobile home.
6b. If you request record information on a specific individual, all other names appearing within the documents that you receive will be
redacted (not revealed). Example: If you need all the names associated with a vehicle title history and you provide what you think is
the current owner’s name: all other names within the documents you receive will be redacted. Leave the owner’s information blank if
you need personal information about all owners within the records. You must have a permissible purpose as outlined by state and
federal laws to obtain personal information on all owners. If you do not have a valid permissible purpose, personal information will be
redacted from the record(s) you receive.
If you only need vehicle registration or title information, do not complete Section 5; otherwise, you will also be
charged for the driving record lookup(s).
BDVR-154 (12/16)


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