Sample Press Release - Promoting Recycling To Local Businesses


Promoting Recycling to Local Businesses
Sample Press Release
RELEASE: Immediately
SUBJECT: (insert municipality) Announces Business Recycling Toolkit
The (town of/city of) is pleased to make available, a Business Recycling Toolkit for local businesses
interested in implementing recycling and waste reduction programs in the workplace. The toolkit is
funded through a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).
The Toolkit includes the following information on:
o waste disposal bans on paper, cardboard, computer monitors and bottles and cans
o strategies on motivating employees to reduce waste in the workplace
o how to locate a recycling service provider
o how to renegotiate your current waste contract and save money by reducing the size of your
dumpster and/or frequency of pick-ups.
o sample recycling signs
(Name), (title) for the (City of/Town of) said, “ I am pleased that through the support of MassDEP, we
have an opportunity to provide our business community with information on how recycling and waste
reduction programs in the workplace, can benefit both the environment and the bottom line”.
Businesses looking to find out more about the program should contact (name) at (phone) or (e-mail).


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