Cornell Note Taking Template


Cornell Note Taking Format
Main Ideas/Questions
What are Cornell Notes used
Can be used to take notes from the text or as they are given
by the instructor.
Can provide an outline for the lecture for students to fill in.
Can be a place to record movie notes or group discussions.
Can identify the concept or term in the left margin based on
its definition in the notes section.
Can organize main ideas and sub-topics.
How do students set up
Set up page with a margin and summary section.
Write topic, date, and information in notes section.
Cornell notes?
Improve notes and left margin information by coloring or
How are Cornell Notes used
After class, students formulate questions in the margin that
corresponds to information found in the notes section.
as a study tool?
Students write a summary of what they learned to clarify
and reinforce learning and to assist retention.
Students review notes by covering notes column and
answering questions in question column from memory.
Can be used to get a quick overview and to determine
whether students need more information or need to
concentrate their study on specific topics.
What else can be in the left
Diagrams, pictures, activities, problems, and concept map
margin or notes section?
Cornell notes provide a way for students to record important information and reflect on that
information multiple times. By writing questions, summarizing, coloring and highlighting, and
reviewing the notes after class, students revisit key concepts several ways to better understand and
internalize new material.


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