Event Planning Timeline


Event Planning Timeline & Checklist
6 to 12 Months Prior to your Event
Determine event purpose
Before going any further, you should be able to explain WHY you’re having this
event and what you hope to accomplish through the event.
Point Person Assigned
Select a point person to manage event details on behalf of your department.
Budget Availability
Determine your total budget available for the event.
Event Date
Investigate available dates that work for the college and for your
department/attendees by contacting the Event & Conference Planning Department.
1. PLEASE do not select and/or advertise a date for your event until you have confirmed with Event &
Conference Planning that the date is available and that you have space reserved.
2. Please remember to consider the Weekend College schedule when considering possible dates for
your event, especially if you anticipate guests coming from off-campus. Parking is at a premium on
WEC weekends, and we have little availability for additional guests to park. Please be mindful of this
when selecting possible dates.
Submit the Event Request Form
Submit an Event Request Form to Event & Conference Planning to request your
desired date.
Get a planner assigned by calling 612.330.1107 with your event details.
Meet with your Assigned Planner
Set up a meeting with your assigned planner, who will work with you throughout the
entire process.
Finalize Space Reservation
Confirm date availability and get reservation confirmation.
NOTE: We suggest filing the confirmation you receive for your reservation in an event file
for future reference.


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