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Determine Committee Involvement
If additional committee members will be needed--- set up a full committee meeting.
Begin Marketing Process
Working with your assigned planner, submit a Marketing Creative Brief
Marketing Creative Brief:
The creative brief will outline the marketing pieces that you anticipate needing for
your event and prepare them to be able to meet with you regarding your event.
Meet with Event Planner and Marketing Team to develop your event theme.
Determine any honorees that you will be honoring at your event.
Get biographical information for all honorees
Determine any VIP’s that will you will be inviting to your event.
Get biographical information on all that will be part of the program.
If President (or Abigail) Pribbenow, or any other members of Cabinet are being
invited, confirm their availability with their assistant.
Notify Marketing & Communications and your event planner of any VIP’s that will be
in attendance.
Determine Photography Needs
Working with your planner, submit a Photographer Request form (if needed)
Photographer Request:
If you wish to have your event photographed, you will need to submit a form to request a
photographer. We cannot guarantee availability of the campus photographer, but are
usually able to supply an alternative if requested.
Determine Parking Needs
Working with your planner, submit a request for Parking.
Parking Request:
Parking on-campus is at a premium during the school year and especially on WEC
weekends. Your planner can help you determine the best possible options by working with
For specific information about parking on campus, please contact The Parking office at
ALL parking for off-campus guests during the school year must be arranged through
DPS. Please do not offer parking on campus without first getting approval from the
Parking office.


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