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3 to 6 Months Prior to your Event
Finalize Details with Marketing Staff:
Prepare final copy for invites, return cards, programs and any other printed pieces.
Develop mailing lists for all mailings and provide to marketing.
Determine if a press release is appropriate for your event.
Order any awards or trophies that will be required for your event.
Meet with Event Planning Staff:
Discuss entertainment needs for the event and develop list of ideas.
Discuss menu and develop ideas.
Secure any necessary permits and insurance required for your event.
Order any rental products that will be needed.
Coordinate any Audio-visual and set up needs for your event.
Discuss any signage required for your event.
Contract for any hotel needs that you have for VIP’s or other event guests.
2 Months Prior to your Event
Send out Invitations
Work with marketing to finalize invite and send through appropriate mail class.
Finalize Décor and Menu with Events Staff:
Finalize menu and give initial estimate to A’viands.
Finalize all décor plans
Perimeter Décor
Develop initial site plan.
Determine final signage list for the event.
Develop Event Schedule of Events with your Event Planner
Time out program---be sure to allow adequate time for food service to fully serve
your meal.
Be realistic. It will take longer than you might expect to move people from point A to
point B.
Share the timeline with everyone involved.
Hang Posters On Campus:
Be sure to refer to the posting policy (link) to see where you are allowed to post
posters. Posters put in places not approved for hanging will be removed.
1 Month Prior to your Event
Confirm staff for your registration table, welcoming people at doors and any other


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