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Confirm Participation of VIP’s and Guests:
Confirm attendance and understanding of what role they will play in the event.
Get talking points to speakers, if necessary.
Meet with your event planner:
Finalize diagram for the event and begin assigning tables, if necessary.
Finalize set up and AV needs with your event planner.
Review the script and timeline for accuracy.
Confirm DPS requirements for the event.
Confirm menu details and adjust numbers, if necessary.
Confirm hotel accommodations, if necessary.
Confirm any transportation (flights, busses, car service)
One Week Prior to Your Event
FINALIZE Details with Events:
Confirm final attendance numbers and get final count to catering department.
FINAL guarantees are due 72 hours prior to your event.
Finalize seating diagrams, if applicable.
Order any checks that will be needed onsite for musicians or other entertainers.
Finalize orders with rental vendors and AV needs.
Get final script and timeline to all involved parties.
Order cash for cash box from Business office if you will be taking money.
Volunteer/Staff Training
Hold training session with any staff and/or volunteers to finalize assignments,
answer questions and provide direction.
Conduct walk-through of the space with all volunteers, staff and involved vendors.
Day of Event
Final Prep:
Arrive early (at LEAST one (1) hour prior to event).
Walk through event space and ensure all set up is complete and correct.
Conduct sound checks, if necessary.
Check registration area and ensure ready to open on time.
Make sure all nametags and cut apart or separated and alphabetized
PRIOR to registration opening.
Have adequate staff to work your registration table. We suggest one
person per 100 guests.
Go over final details with catering company and events staff.
Verify that all VIP’s and speakers have arrived and know where they are to be and
Start (and End) ON TIME!
Event Wrap-Up
Write thank you notes
Submit all invoices for payment.
Conduct a post-event de-breif/evaluation.
Do a final budget wrap up with your event planner and request budget transfers.


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