Swot Analysis Template


SWOT Analysis Template
SWOT helps to fine tune your business strategy – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – that’s what it stands for. Our template will help you to identify each of
these for your business, so that you can conduct regular SWOT analyses to keep your business on the right track.
Main points
What is a SWOT analysis? – Usually Strengths and Weaknesses are internal aspects of your business (what are you good at, what are you not so good at), while
Opportunities and Threats are external forces (what is likely to impact on your business in a negative or positive way).
Strengths – top strengths or benefits of your business, and how you can protect and enhance them.
Weaknesses – your top weaknesses or issues, and how you can minimise them or do better.
Opportunities – top opportunities for your business and how you can access and take advantage of them.
Threats – your top threats, and how you can minimise them and do better.
Next steps
Determine which strengths to leverage, which weaknesses to fix, which opportunities to exploit, and which threats can be reduced.
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