Sample Letter Of Offer / Acceptance


Sample – Letter of Offer/Acceptance
Place this on your agency letterhead
Dear [Name],
It is my pleasure to officially extend you an offer of employment as a/an [Position Title], with
[Agency Name]. This position is being offered to you at an annual salary of $[XX,XXX], an hourly
rate of approximately $[XX.XX] based on the Employee/Employer Paid Retirement compensation
As discussed, your first day will be [Day, Month, Year], at [Time].
Listed below are required
documents that you will need to bring with you on your first day of employment:
Unexpired document(s) verifying identity and employment eligibility, as detailed on the last
page of the I-9 document found: (either one document
from List A or one document from each of List B and List C)
A pre-encoded voided check or savings slip
Names, addresses, birthdates and social security numbers for anyone you may wish to list as
a beneficiary
Name, address and phone number of emergency contact(s)
For a driver subject to DOT regulated drug & alcohol testing, please bring a copy of your
Medical Examiner’s Certificate (if not applicable, please delete this bullet)
In addition to the documents above, you may find it helpful to review the State of Nevada Employee
Handbook at the Division of Human Resource Management’s website.
[Department/Division/Section] employees which you will be required to pay for. This offer of
employment is contingent upon you successfully passing a pre-employment drug test and a criminal
background check. (Remove/modify this section if not applicable.)
Please sign and date the section below to accept this offer of employment, and either e-mail or fax it
back to me informing me of your decision to accept this offer. You will be informed by our HR
representative of your scheduled orientation time and where to report.
If you have questions prior to starting, please do not hesitate to contact me at [Phone Number]. I am
looking forward to having you join our team!
[Name & Title]
Rev. 10/2015


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