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Dear Mr. Smith,
This letter is to confirm your appointment to Mary’s Dairies as a Sales Operative, effective from 1
2006. This appointment will be for a fixed 12-month term ending on 31
March 2007. Evidence of your
identity and confirmation by you that you are eligible to work in the UK is required. A valid National
Insurance number is adequate proof. This appointment is made on the terms set out below and is subject to
satisfactory references and a pre-employment medical questionnaire.
Your main role in this job will be in expanding our customer base as well as building and maintaining existing
customer relationships.
Your salary will be £20,000 per annum, paid monthly, and you will be expected to work 37.5 hours per week.
Overtime may be required during exceptionally busy period, paid at a rate of £7 per hour. Our normal working
day is 9am to 5:30pm with one hour for lunch, but flexible working hours may be accommodated at Mary’s
Dairies’ discretion. You will not generally be required to work on national holidays.
You will be based at our premises in Malton, where your immediate supervisor will be Barry Jones. You
should report to him/her on arrival on your first day
Your annual holiday allowance will initially be 4 weeks per annum. You are entitled to four days self-certified
sick leave at a time, beyond which you must obtain medical certification for your absence. You are entitled to
sick pay for a maximum of four weeks in any twelve months. You are entitled to statutory maternity/paternity
The post is temporary for a probationary period of three months, which may be extended should Mary’s
Dairies require it. Pending a review of this period the job will then be made permanent. After this point, your
pay and performance will be reviewed every twelve months. Any variations to your contract of employment
will be agreed before they are implemented.
Should you wish to leave the company after the expiration of the probationary period, you are required to give
notice of one month. We will provide you with the same notice period should we wish to terminate your
employment, except in circumstances outlined in the full terms of employment.
You will have reasonable expenses, incurred as part of your job, repaid by the company. Full details of all
your terms and conditions of employment are contained in the Statement of Terms and Conditions of
Employment, a copy of which will be passed on to you during your induction.
Congratulations on being the successful applicant to this job, and I look forward to working with you in the
near future.
Yours sincerely,
Elaine Wickham


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