Sample Scholarship Fund Donation Request Letter


Dear _______________________:
As a strong supporter of Home Care, I believe you will be excited about an opportunity to
encourage growth in our health care workforce, as well as a way to help assure that high caliber
care at home will be available when needed for the elderly and disabled of all ages in New
Jersey. At the same time, this opportunity allows all of us to say “Thank You – Job Well Done!”
to those who are on the “front lines” of home care for so many families in our state.
I am referring to Home Health Aide Scholarship Fund, established by the Home Care Foundation
of N. J. to enable home health aides to pursue careers in professional nursing and continue their
dedication to patients and families in need. The Home Care Foundation of N. J. is partnering
with the Home Care Association of N. J. and member agencies to make this Fund a successful
tribute to the work of home health aides and a positive step toward reversing the decline in
number of nurses in our health care workforce.
As a member of the Home Care Association, our agency is encouraging our friends in the
community and our colleagues in the health care industry to join us in supporting this
exceptional opportunity to strengthen the nursing and home care workforce for the people of
New Jersey, as well as the businesses of our state which rely on Home Care to help their
employees' elderly and disabled loved ones - thus enabling employees to remain "on the job".
Each year, as many $1,000 scholarships will be awarded as donations to the Fund will allow.
Since 2002, ten awards have been made to home health aides enrolled in New Jersey schools of
nursing. I hope you will join us in this effort by making a tax-deductible contribution to The
Home Care Foundation of N. J. Home Health Aide Scholarship Fund.
Enclosed is a contribution form to help you participate in this vital project. If you would like
more information about the Fund or the Foundation, please feel free to call Carol Kientz at the
Foundation office (609/ 275-6100).
With sincere thanks,


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