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 Separate form should be used for each institution worked.
 The Teaching Experience Certificate should be properly attested, signed and proper
seal affixed by the Regional Joint Director of Collegiate Education in the case of
Government Arts & Science Colleges / Aided / Self-Financing Colleges and Joint
Director of Technical in the Case of Engineering Colleges / Registrars in case of
Deemed Universities.
 Teaching Experience Certificate in the subject applied alone will be considered.
 Inconsistencies / errors that are not attested by the issuing officer with seal will
result in rejection of the certificate.
 The issuing authorities should maintain records including serial no, date of issue,
place of issue and keep one original copy of the certificates issued by them for
future verification.
 A passport size photograph should be affixed in each certificate. Those photographs
have to be attested by the issuing Authority. Part of the signature and seal should
be on the photograph.
 Candidates have to obtain two original copies from each institution. One has to be
send along with the application and one must be produced at the time of Certificate
 Marks will be awarded only when the candidate submit the Experience Certificate
along with application form.


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