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Retirement Letter
Local Government Pension Scheme
On (date) you will cease employment during which you have been a member of the
Local Government Pension Scheme, and I am writing to notify you that you will be
entitled to receive payment of your scheme benefits.
Before I can make arrangements for the award of your benefits, I require the
information detailed on the enclosed Retirement Declaration Form which you should
complete and return to me.
On page 2 of the form you will see that you have a number of options available to
you concerning your pension and lump sum. As this is an important decision that
can impact on your pension income for the rest of your life, before you complete the
form you should have received an estimate detailing the choices available to you. If
you have not received an estimate please let me know. Once this form has been
received by Kent County Council’s Pensions Section, which is responsible for both
the calculation and payment of any sums due under the pension scheme provisions,
it will not be possible for you to change your election.
As part of a pack of information that I am required to provide, your completed form
will be forwarded to the Pensions Section. This pack must contain information about
your pensionable pay over the 12 months ending with your retirement date, and it is
therefore not possible to send it until your final salary payment has been processed.
Provided that there are no outstanding queries to be resolved, your benefits will then
be paid within 20 working days of the date they receive the complete pack.
Further details about the method of payment of the lump sum and pension are
shown in the attached booklet entitled ‘The Qs and As of Retirement’.
If you disagree with the decision concerning the award, I would recommend you
initially contact me on an informal basis. If, however, this fails to satisfy you, there is
a two-stage formal appeal process under the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure.
Initially you should write within 6 months of the date of this letter to John Briscoe,
Pensions Consultant, Pensions Section, 2
Floor Brenchley House, Week Street,
Maidstone, Kent ME14 1RF* (or whoever you are using), with details of the dispute.
If you disagree with his decision, you may refer your complaint for consideration by
Kent County Council, as the Administering Authority of the Kent Pension Scheme.
Yours sincerely
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June 2011


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