Resume Cover Letter Sample


Resume Cover Letter Sample
These template suggestions are for a cover letter to accompany a resume for the
purpose of seeking employment.
Choose a font that is easy to read.
Try to keep your cover letter brief but detail relevant qualifications.
No mistakes! Check for spelling and grammar errors. Have someone else look
at it as well.
Create a letter that has a pleasing appearance.
Opening Paragraph
Write a paragraph that describes how you learned about the
position. Examples would be newspaper, internet and
Second Paragraph
This is the place to impress the reader with your experience
that is related to the job. Include your technical skills here
and identify each by bullets to make an impact.
Third Paragraph
This is your persuasive paragraph. Include a few of your
soft skills. A few examples would be energetic, reliable,
timely, cooperative, good people skills, hard worker, honest,
and mature.
Closing Paragraph
End your cover letter by telling the person how and when to
contact you. Express interest in hearing from the company
and thank the employer for considering you.
Close with “Sincerely” followed by your typed name. Leave
space above your typed name for your signature. Below
your typed name add a line telling what is enclosed with your
cover letter.


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