Best And Final Offers


[Contact Name]
[Company Name]
[City, State Postal Code]
RE: [Issuing Office] RFP #XXXXXXXX
Dear Mr./Ms. [Contact]:
The [Issuing Office] has evaluated the proposal that your company submitted in response to [Issuing
Office] RFP Number XXXXXXXX, [RFP Name], along with the other submitted proposals. It is my
pleasure to inform you that, after a preliminary evaluation of your proposal, we have selected [Company’s
Name] as one of the offerors to proceed to the “Best and Final Offers” phase of the evaluation process.
Therefore, in accordance with Section [Appropriate RFP Section] of the RFP, we invite you to submit a
Best and Final Offer (“BAFO”) to the [Issuing Office]. We request a BAFO for the [Section(s) for which
BAFO is being conducted] of your proposal. A list of the specific items is enclosed. [If no reverse
auction is being conducted state the following sentence: “Please be advised that we will not conduct a
reverse auction event for additional Cost submittals for this RFP”.] You should submit the [Section(s)
for which BAFO is being conducted] BAFO as a replacement to and in accordance with the RFP
requirements for your original [Section(s) for which BAFO is being conducted] submittal. You must
submit the BAFO to the [Issuing Office Address], on or before [Date and Time BAFO must be
submitted] to be considered for selection for contract negotiations.
This letter is only an invitation to participate further in the RFP process; it does not convey or imply
anything more. This letter is not intended to be a binding commitment to contract, nor will [Issuing
Office] be obligated in any manner until a formal written contract has been executed by all necessary
Commonwealth officials.
Accordingly, all activities in furtherance of this process, including your
compliance with the conditions set forth in this letter, are considered to be at your sole cost and risk.
[Issuing Officer’s name]
Issuing Officer
Bureau of Procurement
555 Walnut Street, Forum Place 6th Floor | Harrisburg, PA 17101
717.787.5733 | F 717.783.6241 |
Revision: 2-3-2011


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