Sample Sponsor Support Request Letter Template


Customize this letter to reflect your chapter’s FFA Week needs.
Please visit
and click on 2004 National FFA Week for materials and information.
Sponsor Contact
Sponsor Contact Title
In today’s world, people rely on great leaders to forge new paths. Whether it’s as a public servant
or as the head of a family, our world relies on people with the knowledge and skill to lead. For
more than 75 years, FFA has provided solid leadership initiatives that prepare its members for the
challenges presented by an ever-changing world. It is because of this commitment to leadership
that we have selected “FFA…Living the Legacy” as the 2004 National FFA Week theme.
As we look back on our history of success, we also look to the future and our constant
commitment to do more.
I would like to ask you to join us in this commitment.
(Specifically list what you need. Be sure to
indicate whether it is an in-kind donation such as a certificate, a financial donation, publicity,
volunteers, etc. Include the total quantity and any details you believe are crucial to mention.)
Your contribution will make a positive difference not only to our members, but to all those in our
community who care about the development of young people and to the future of agriculture and
education. (Indicate what visibility they will receive for the sponsorship. Examples
might include a mention in the school or town newspaper, a listing in a banquet program or a
special sign at an event.)
I will call you next week to arrange for you to visit our chapter or to schedule a meeting with our
name), and our chapter officers to discuss in greater detail the FFA mission
and the possibilities we can create for FFA and our local community.
Through FFA, students like me never have to settle for an “average” life. With the support and
commitment of organizations like yours, we can ensure our community will continue to hold true
to American ideals and our future leaders will continue to strive for excellence.
I hope we can count on your support.
Student Name
FFA Member and Chapter/State Association Name, Officer Position


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