Entry Level Customer Service Cover Letter Example


April Fuller
344 Maple Ave
Bayville, CA 91555
(555) 555-3576
April 1
, 2014
Dear Hiring Manager,
In today's customer service oriented society, timely, friendly service is important to enhance business
growth. Customer loyalty is strongly impacted by the service professionals who represent you to the
shopping public. This is why you want me as part of your customer service team.
My years of experience in the service industry have taught me how to sell effectively while meeting and
exceeding every customer's expectations. I have served all types of consumers in many different types of
settings. I realize that acquiring and maintaining loyal return customers as well as spreading word of
mouth for your business through these loyal patrons is of utmost importance in every company.
Positioning a company for superior exposure and greater marketability is a job that I have successfully
performed many times.
I am also an excellent trainer, having achieved ongoing success with my teams by building morale,
maintaining the self-confidence of team members and training them to increase sales by improving their
people skills.
I would appreciate the chance to interview with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please
contact me at any time in the coming week.
Very Sincerely,
April Fuller
April Fuller


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