Sample Cover Letter


Sample Cover letter
The aim of a cover letter is to accurately address the job you are applying for, briefly listing the
reasons why you are applying for the job, what attributes you have that would make you a good
candidate, followed by a list of the relevant skills you have learnt during your study that would be
useful in the job. Finally, you should list the benefits the company will gain from hiring you.
<Date >
Dear Sir/Madam,
RE: Enter the job you are applying for here e.g. Application for Survey Assistant
I would like to apply for a casual survey assistant role within your company, <insert company name
I believe this position would provide a great opportunity to further my chosen career. My willingness
to work hard and build my skill base will make me a good candidate for the job. I am currently
undertaking relevant studies at RMIT in a diploma of surveying.
My coursework has introduced me to AutoCAD, Arcmap10, Microsoft Excel, LisCAD and also field
work with chaining and the Leica total station to complete a survey each week. I currently hold a
valid Victorian automatic driver’s license and have my own vehicle.
The high level of practicality in my course will decrease your required training time and mean I am
well prepared to assist with fieldwork.
I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.
<student name>


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