Sample Cover Letter


Sample Cover Letter Format
Your street address
City, state, zip
Month, Day, Year
Mr./Ms./Dr. Name of contact person
Title of contact person
Name of organization
Street address
City, state, zip
Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. Last Name:
(First paragraph) Explain why you are writing and how you heard about this organization. Indicate the
field experience you are seeking. Introduce basic information about yourself that explains why you
would be a good candidate for the practicum/internship experience. The first paragraph should catch
the attention of the reader and create initial interest.
(Second paragraph) Emphasize your skills and qualifications, and demonstrate how your experience has
prepared you for practicum/internship. Avoid simply repeating the information listed on your resume;
instead, highlight and expand on your qualifications and experiences that are most relevant to this
particular site.
(Third paragraph) Outline the specific components of the practicum/internship course requirements.
Share the number of hours needed (direct and indirect), the dates of the semester, and the supervision
(Fourth paragraph) Refer the reader to the documents you have enclosed, such as your resume,
practicum/internship handbook, etc. Reiterate your strong interest in the site. Provide contact
numbers, email, and indicate the best way to reach you. Thank the reader for taking the time to
consider your resume.
(Your hand written signature)
Type your name here
Enclosure(s) (This indicates that there are accompanying documents, such as your resume, handbook,


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