Sample - Requesting Letter Of Recommendation


Happy Student (YOUR NAME)
4589 Yellow Brick Road
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335
(253) 858-0000
September 16, ______
Mr. John Employer
Big Time Manufacturing, Incorporated
1234 Soundview Drive
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335
Dear Mr. Employer:
I am writing to request a letter of recommendation that will be included in my
high school senior portfolio. As you know, I will graduate from Henderson Bay
High School in June _______. I have been working part-time for BTM, Inc. since
my sophomore year. As I have informed you, I will be leaving your company in
September to attend Tacoma Community College full time.
Mr. Employer, I have appreciated your patience and guidance while I learned
the intricacies of the mailroom. You have always been kind and fair in allowing
me to adapt my schedule to fit my classes, and I consider you to be a factor in
my success in school. I have also learned how to conduct myself in a business-
like manner and feel prepared to move on in my life.
I would also like to use your letter in my Scholarship Notebook, which allows
potential donors to consider me for college scholarships.
My portfolio must be completed by _______________________. I would appreciate
receiving you letter a week before that date. I will be happy to pick the letter up
at your office.
Thank you for helping me in many ways.
Your Signature in Ink!
Happy Student
Sample Request for Letter of Recommendation – Senior Portfolio
Henderson Bay High School


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