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Safely use tools to build, fix or maintain ______________________________________
Eager to try new things and a quick learner
Work well within groups and independently
Provide customers with prompt service
Greet customers in a friendly and welcoming manner
Safely and efficiently operate food service equipment such as grills and coffee machines
Request additional information or ask questions when necessary to complete tasks or
Manage time effectively to meet deadlines
Able to follow instructions and directions in order to complete projects or assignments
Confidently operate a computer and knowledgeable of the following programs: _______
Strong Science and Math student
Consistently complete projects on time or ahead of schedule
Able to design posters, draw cartoons and illustrations
Creatively express myself through music poetry or art
Use computers to create presentations
Confidently perform, act or dance to present artistic ideas
Perform competitively when necessary
Effectively and efficiently plan and arrange meetings and social functions
Able to help teach or explain things to others
Successfully plan activities and put them into action
Able to follow recipes to create meals and snacks
Work well with others under sometimes busy or stressful situations
Effectively operate a cash register, make change and balance the day’s receipts
Knowledgeable of health and safety regulations related to selling food to the public
Effectively manage store inventory
Communicate well with people of all ages
Follow directions and stick with tasks until they are finished
Work well with little or no supervision
Eager to take courses or additional training in order to develop new skills
Follow established workplace rules and guidelines
Learn quickly and have a good memory for details
Adapt well to changing requirements and information
Thorough and pay close attention to details
Demonstrated leadership ability
Take responsibility for my actions and solution oriented
Manage time well and can concentrate on multiple projects at once
Understand many different points of view and have excellent problem solving skills
Methodical and have strong organizational skills
Have a flair for design and fashion
Task-oriented and focused on completing projects well
Precise and analytical in dealing with problems
Manage money well and make a monthly budget
Able to check information for accuracy
Enjoy helping and caring for others
Successfully resolve conflicts and come up with new solutions to problems


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