Letter Of Recommendation Request Form


Letter of Recommendation Request Form
Today’s Date:
Senior Project Topic/Product (optional):
Requested Recommendations:
College Name:
Mailing Date or Online Submit Date
Possible Major/Program:
Please complete the following questions to assist me in writing a highly personalized letter of recommendation.
1. Name three adjectives that describe you as a person?
2. How would a friend and/or your parents describe you?
3. What are your educational goals (next 4 years)?
4. What are your career goals (post college)?
5. What do you consider your strongest attributes that support/relate to your life’s ambition or goal? List any related
experiences you may have had.
6. What special characteristics would you like to be stressed in your letter of recommendation? Consider specific
institutions, majors, and programs for which you are submitting applications.
7. Why would you like a letter of recommendation from me? Consider recounting a memory, event or class interaction
that made you realize that I should be the teacher to write this letter.
8. Is there any additional information that would make my letter more effective for your purpose? Is there a specific
experience or project from my class that you would like for me to highlight?
Please include a resume and necessary supporting materials (from your selected colleges) with this form.


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