Research Log Template


Date ___________________________
Research Log
Search topic
(write in the form of a question and circle major concepts):
Keywords to search (
synonyms for the concepts circled above; think of both broader & narrower terms)
Information Source used (
e.g. Library Catalogue, Journal Index or Database, Internet
Access point(s) (
how did you find the source? e.g. keyword= , subject heading= , author= etc.
Library Location: ___________ Call # ________________________ Status _______________
Complete Citation for item found
see the
Citing Sources
guide for help
Evaluation of material (
how/what will it contribute to your paper or support your argument? How does it
relate to the other information that you’ve found?
Paraphrased ideas or “direct quotes” to use in paper (
record the page numbers where the quote is
see the
guide for help with paraphrasing and summarizing


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