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These instructions are meant to give you
general information and not legal advice.
Custody Exceptions can be filed when you disagree with the Custody Master’s Proposed Order
or you think that the Custody Master made an error. Exceptions MUST be filed by the date
given on the Proposed Order.
1. Complete the Domestic Relations Information Sheet with as much information as you have.
2. Complete and sign the Custody Exceptions form. Be sure to fill in all the blanks. In the last
paragraph, explain why you do not agree with the Proposed Order. You should be specific.
3. There is no filing fee for Exceptions.
4. File the completed Exceptions form and Information Sheet by mailing or hand-delivering
them in person to:
Clerk of Court
1501 Arch Street – 11
Philadelphia PA 19107
Exceptions must reach the Clerk of Court’s office by the date on the Proposed Order.
5. Whether you file the Exceptions by mail or hand-deliver them to the office of the Clerk of
Family Court, you must file the original AND four (4) copies. A copy machine is available at
the Clerk’s office at a cost of $.25 per page.
6. Once the Exceptions are filed, the court will send you a Notice to Appear for a hearing in the
mail. At the exceptions hearing, you have to fully explain to the Judge why you disagree with the
Master’s Proposed Order. You can bring the Notes of Testimony from the Master’s Hearing. If
you want to bring this, ask the Clerk how to order it. The cost for the Notes of Testimony cannot
be waived.
7. If the Master’s Proposed Order becomes a Final Order, you may have other options to modify
the Order. See: Petition for Reconsideration; Petition for Modification.
Person who filed the custody complaint
Person against whom the custody complaint is filed
Sponsored by the Family Law Section of the Philadelphia Bar Association
February, 2015


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