Job Non Selection Letter Template


In letters of non-selection, it is prudent to be brief and concise. Employers are
under no obligation to expound upon the reasons for an applicant’s non-selection
at the time of this notification. However, it is also a time to build good will and to
represent the University and Extension well by extending gratitude to the
candidate for submitting their application materials for consideration. This
promotes the image in the community of the county, the district, Extension, and
the University as a whole.
The District Office must forward a copy of all notification letters to CALS
Personnel to be maintained in the official search file. Letters can be sent via US
Postal Mail or e-mail. If sending letters via email, send the CALS Personnel
carbon copy to
All applicants who have applied but do not get selected to be interviewed will
receive letter A602 – No Interview. All candidates who have been interviewed
and to whom an employment offer is not extended will receive letter A603 – Non
Hire. The following applicant statuses require a non-selection letter:
 Position Cancelled
 (NCCE) Not Best Qualified/Reason:
 Application submitted after review/interview
 Candidate did not meet advertised qualifications
 Unsatisfactory reference check
 Other candidates selected had more relevant training/experience
 Other candidates selected had more education
 Candidate was not interested in the nature of job assignments
required in the position
 Candidate was not well prepared, did not respond to questions
 Candidate was unable to clearly communicate ideas or concepts
 Candidate’s job interests were not compatible with what the county
is seeking
 Second choice candidate
 Third choice candidate
 Candidate is well qualified but not a top choice for interviews at this
 Other; Attach full explanation (depending on reason)
The following applicant statuses do not require a non-selection letter:
 Did Not Meet Minimums
 Application Withdrawn
Last Update 1/9/08


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