Sample Letter To Potential Partner


To Potential Partner
(Use School Letterhead)
Business Name
City, State, Zip
Dear Mr./Ms._______________________________:
As a teacher of _________________classes at ____________School, I am aware of the
rapid strides your bank has made in serving the financial needs of the community. Our
________________ Department is presently developing a new curriculum that will address the
current needs of our students.
Our goal is to teach our students to be well-informed consumers as well as productive
members of the community. Many of our students will be entering the workforce upon
graduation from this high school. My colleagues and I feel that the gap between schoolwork and
the world of work must be bridged more effectively than it has been in the past. Our graduates
must be better prepared for employment.
We are asking you to join us in partnership to achieve this goal. There are many ways
you and your company can provide the resources that will most effectively introduce our
students to the world of work; these resources are not available in any classroom.
We would like the opportunity to explore with you, or with a member of your staff, the
avenues by which you could assist us. Also, we look forward to providing you with information
about school resources that would be available to your organization as part of our partnership.
I will contact you within the next week, at which time I hope we can set a date for our
discussion. Or, you may reach me at the school at (215) _____________. I hope we can embark
on a mutually beneficial effort to improve the work-readiness of our students.
Thank you for your consideration of this request.
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