Sample Personal Invitation Letter For China Tourist Visa Template

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Sample   P ersonal   I nvitation   L etter   f or   C hina   T ourist   V isa  
Consulate   G eneral   o f   C hina  
Consular   S ection  
Dear   V isa   O fficer:    
Please   b e   a dvised   t hat   I   h ave   i nvited   ( Relationship   t o   y ou   a nd   T raveler’s   F ull   N ame   e xactly   a s  
shown   i n   p assport)   t o   v isit   m e   i n   ( City)   f rom   ( Date   o f   a rrival)   t o   ( Date   o f   d eparture).   ( His/Her)  
personal   i nformation   i s   a s   f ollows:  
Name   o n   p assport:   ( exactly   a s   i t   a ppears)  
Date   o f   B irth:  
Passport   N umber:  
Dates   o f   a rrival   a nd   d eparture:  
My   n ame   i s   ( Name   a s   i t   a ppears   o n   y our   L ocal   I D   o r   R esidence   P ermit)   a nd   m y   p assport  
number   i s   ( 123456789).   ( If   a   U S   c itizen,   p lease   s tate   t hat   y ou   a re   l iving   i n   [ City]   a nd   w orking  
with   [ Company]).   I   w ill   b e   r esponsible   f or   ( his/her)   a ccommodation   c ost   i n   w hile   i n   C hina.    
(Traveler’s   F ull   N ame)   w ill   b e   s taying   w ith   m e   a t   t he   f ollowing   a ddress:  
123   P arkside   R oad  
Shanghai,   C hina  
ZIP:   5 1000  
I   h ave   i ncluded   a   p hotocopy   o f   m y   p assport   a nd   v alid   ( China   r esidence   p ermit   o r   l ocal   I D)   i s  
also   a ttached   w ith   t his   l etter.   W e   w ould   a ppreciate   y our   k ing   a ssistance   i n   i ssuing   t hem   a  
Chinese   t ourist   v isa   t o   a llow   t hem   t o   v isit   m e   b riefly   i n   ( city).   P lease   l et   u s   k now   i f   y ou   n eed  
any   f urther   i nformation.    
Thank   y ou,  


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