Template For Letter Of Recommendation (Sample)


Template for Letter of Recommendation
Student fills in information in black.
OSA fills in information in gray.
Information in
is fixed, do not delete or edit.
After completing the information below, save a copy of the
template and attach it to the email message to osahelp@uic.edu.
Make sure to include the Student Request Form (SRF).
[Full Name of Addressee]
[Name of Organization]
[Street Address]
[Additional Address Info.]
[City, State Zip Code]
[Student’s Full Name],
Letter of Recommendation for
[Name of What Letter is For – e.g., scholarship, fellowship, research, etc.]
[Name of Addressee (e.g. Scholarship/Selection Committee) – if person,
Dr./Senator/Representative/Mr./Ms., etc. + Last Name]:
I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for
[Mr./Ms.] [Student’s Full Name]
who is
[Name of What Letter is For]. [Student’s First Name]
[first, second,
applying for the
is a
third, fourth]
year medical student who received
[his/her] [B.A., B.S., other-Student fills in]
degree in
[major/major with a minor in-Student fills in]
[Name of Undergraduate
Institution-need to include "the" if appropriate],
graduated with
applicable; a GPA of –if applicable]. [Student’s First Name]
[Student fills in any
undergraduate honors, awards, honor societies, scholarships, etc. and whether
received, selected, inducted, or awarded]. [Student’s First Name]
was actively involved in
[fill in any extracurricular activities with leadership positions held, community service,
etc.]. [Student’s First Name]
performed research in the lab of
Dr. [Full Name of Research
in the Department of
[Name of Department]
[Name of Institution]. [Student fills
in brief description of student’s responsibilities for the research and/or brief description
of the research].
The research resulted in
[number-fill in] [publication(s)/ poster
presentation(s)/ abstract(s)/ other-Student fills in]. [Student fills in any other additional
research experiences with same information above for each experience].


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