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questions as and when you need to, such as what did I promise the Holiday team to get them agree a
holiday system.
As a few concluding points
Good to see a further influx of new talent, Deirdre in Making (best of luck to Naimh with the new
Packing Supply System Manager role) and Maureen/Siobhan in Clearasil, though be cautious of
taking advice and direction from a manager who has over optimistic ideas of her hurling team getting
to the fianl. Also now the Guards have dropped the case the information Paul has on me is worthless
and we can withdraw the job offer.
To finish up I have had an interesting time in Nenagh. It's a pity in a lot of ways that my chosen
career path differs from what was on offer with P&G but I have learned a lot at P&G which will stand
to me in the future. [I do intend to attempt to reapply workplans and SDDS to studying and exams.
And I will be drafting expectations for my fellow students and lecturers] and while I will enjoy the
extra hour and a half in bed in the mornings I will miss all the people its been my pleasure to work
with over the last 3 years. So over the next year when I am struggling with my own 95% cost
savings project I will be thinking of you all, focusing, doing systemic work and adding value.


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