Sample Job Offer Acceptance Letter


Sample Job Offer Acceptance Letter
When a hiring company presents a written job offer that you would like to accept, you should
prepare a formal letter of acceptance similar to the one below. Make sure that the position, salary,
and start date are mentioned explicitly.
(Company Name)
(City, State, Zip)
Dear (Employer Name):
I am happy to accept your offer as defined in your letter dated ( letter date here) for the position
of (position) with your company. My understanding is that I will receive an annual salary of ($
amount). I will be able to start work with your firm on (start date).
Thank you very much for the opportunity to work with you and (company). I look forward to
becoming a valuable member your team. Between now and my start day you can reach me at the
phone numbers below or contact me through ( my recruiter here).
(Your name)
home phone xxx xxx xxxx
work phone xxx xxx xxxx
other phone xxx xxx xxxx
Recruiter phone xxx xxx xxxx


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