Resignation Letter By Employee Employer Acceptance


Resignation Letter by Employee, Employer Acceptance
Dear Xxxx Xxxxx:
We accept your resign from YPW Spanish Immersion Preschool effective 11/10/09, with
regret. We appreciate your generous offer to continue to work for up to two additional
weeks, but believe it is in everyone’s best interests to accept your resignation effective
Please turn over your keys and other School property today before leaving. We
appreciate your willingness to answer any questions we may have in the near future by
phone or email.
When you have turned over all School property, please have your supervisor sign the
acknowledgment below.
We will instruct payroll to make 11/10/09 your last day of work with regard to all pay.
With best regards,
____________________________ ___________________
Monica Moreno, Director
____________________________ ___________________
Acknowledgment that all Property Returned, by Authorized Supervisor
Resignation Letter by Employee, Employer Acceptance


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