Termination Of Professional Services


[Client Name]
[Client Address]
Termination of Professional Services to [Client]
Dear [Client]:
[Accounting Firm] was engaged by [Client] to [insert services provided].
This   letter   confirms   that   effective  [Date],  [Accounting   Firm]  resigns   from   all
engagements   with   or  for  [Client].    Due   to   this   termination  of  professional   services,
certain   aspects   of   some   matters  [Accounting   Firm]  was   working   on   were   not
completed.   [Accounting Firm] will not provide any further professional services and,
accordingly,   is   not   responsible   for   completing   any   unfinished   work.    [Client]
acknowledges   that  [Accounting   Firm]  has   not   completed   some   work,   and   further
acknowledges that all unfinished work is being turned over to [Client and/or Client’s
new accountants] unfinished and “as is.”
[Accounting   Firm]  agrees   to   cooperate   with  [Client’s]  new   accountants   to   a
reasonable extent.   [Client]  acknowledges that all original documents in  [Accounting
Firm’s] possession have been returned to [Client].
   [Client] also acknowledges that it
has   received   copies   of   all   tax   returns   and   financial   reports   prepared   or   issued   by
[Accounting Firm]  and has been given copies of all information necessary to meet its
future needs.  [Accounting Firm] agrees to give [Client’s] new accountants access to its
workpapers   (if   access   is   requested)   and   provide   copies   of   the   workpapers   as
[Accounting   Firm]  deems   appropriate.    [Client]  acknowledges   that  [Accounting
Firm’s] workpapers are the exclusive property of [Accounting Firm].
Since some professional services remain unfinished, it is important to remember
that some of these matters are time sensitive and require completion and/or filing by a
certain date.  In particular, [describe time sensitive assignments and date they must be
completed and/or filed].  If these matters are not completed within the time provided,
there  may be  adverse  consequences,  such as  [generally describe  consequences,  i.e.,
penalties, loss of credit line, etc.].  It is [Client’s] sole responsibility to ensure that these
matters   are   completed   and/or   filed   in   a   timely   fashion,   and,   as   stated   above,
[Accounting Firm] is not responsible for completing these tasks or ensuring their timely
completion or delivery.
This sentence could be replaced with “[Client] acknowledges that [Accounting Firm] does not possess
any of [Client’s] original documents.”


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