Immigration Invitation Letter Template


The purpose of the Invitation Letter to Immigration is not only to invite a foreign visitor to
OUHSC, but also to ensure they receive the proper visa status upon entering the United States.
 This letter should be given to the immigration inspector upon arriving in the U.S. The visitor
should receive a B-1 or Visa Waiver for Business (WB) status.
 The information in bold and parenthesis should be completed by the department inviting the
individual. Remove the bold and parenthesis once the information has been inserted.
o Date – Date letter is created.
o Name - Name of the individual who is being invited and their title.
o Attend/Visit – Choose whichever is appropriate.
o Workshop, conference, give lecture, etc – Specify why the visitor is coming to OUHSC.
o Department - Name of the department that is inviting the individual.
o (date) to (date) - Range of dates the service will be provided.
o OUHSC Sponsoring Department Information: Signature, Name, Title, Location, Phone
Number, Fax Number, etc for a representative of the department. Preferably, this section
should completed by the person who initially invited the individual to OUHSC.
Once completed by the inviting department, the letter should be printed on University
letterhead and signed.
Questions? Contact the AP Vendor Office at 405-271-2410 or
B-1/WB Invitation Letter
May 2007


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