Immigration Invitation Letter Template Page 2


United States Immigration Inspector
Re: Letter of Invitation for (name)
Visitor for Business to University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC)
Dear Sir/Ma’am,
(Name) has been invited to (attend) (visit) the (workshop, conference, give lecture, etc),
sponsored by (department) at OUHSC for the period (date) to (date). (Name) is expected to
receive an honorarium for their services.
Please ensure the proper nonimmigrant status is assigned to the visitor: B-1 or Visa Waiver for
Business (WB) and I-94.
The B-1 or WB will permit the University to process an honorarium for this visitor. The visitor
must present passport, visa, and the I-94 shortly after arriving at OUHSC.
Thank you for attention to this matter.
(OUHSC sponsoring department information)


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