Sample Invitation Letter Template


Directions: This letter can be adapted for a variety of invitation requests including inviting family or friends to your
graduation or for short visits by changing the text in parentheses to information specific to your status, degree
program, and invitation request. If you are inviting more than one guest you should issue a separate letter for
each guest unless they are a married couple or parents and their young children. Be sure to proofread your letter
and remove the parentheses, prompts, and these directions before printing and signing the letter. You should mail
the printed and signed letter directly to the guest(s) you are inviting and instruct the guest(s) to bring the letter to
the visa interview appointment along with any support other documentation.
(Your U.S. Address
City, State, Zip)
(insert today’s date)
Consular Officer
United States Consulate/Embassy
(insert the City, Country your guests will apply for the visa in-- e.g., Chengdu, China)
Dear Consular Officer,
My name is (insert your name) and I am a student in (insert your visa status-- e.g. F-1, J- 1, etc.) visa status at
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY, pursuing a (insert your degree level-- e.g.,
bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate) degree in (insert your degree field of study—e.g., Environmental Science). I
expect to complete my degree program in (insert your anticipated completion e.g., May, August, December 20_ _)
or if you have already completed your degree indicate-- I completed my degree program (insert your graduation
date-- e.g., December 2012). (If you are currently on Optional Practical Training or Academic Training indicate-- I
am currently authorized for (indicate type of employment authorization-- e.g., Optional Practical Training,
Academic Training) until (indicate end date of authorization).
I would like to invite my (indicate your relationship to guests-- e.g., family, friend(s)) listed below to (indicate
reason for invitation-- e.g., attend my Commencement Ceremony and other celebration activities that will be held
(insert date(s)), for a short visit, etc.).
(Insert the First Name LAST NAME (as in passport) of guest, (insert the guest’s relationship to you—e.g.,
mother, insert the guest’s home country address)
(List same information as above for additional guests if applicable).
My guest will stay at (indicate the U.S. address, hotel address etc.,) during the visit (if applicable, you may want to
also indicate— and may visit a few other U.S. cities before returning home). It would be greatly appreciated if you
could grant a visitor visa so that (indicate name(s) of guest(s)) may (indicate reason of visit e.g., join me to
celebrate my graduation, visit me etc.).
If you have any questions, I can be reached by email at (email address) or by phone at (phone number).
Thank you for your time and kind consideration of the visa application.
(print and sign)
Your full name


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