Sample Acceptance Letter


4845 Happy Trails Lane
Baytown, TX 00000
October 20, 20xx
Mr. John Richards
Senior Vice President
Technical Industries, Ltd.
P.O. Box 333
Baytown, TX 00000
Dear Mr. Richards:
I am writing to confirm my acceptance of your job offer on October 19
and to tell
you how excited I am to be joining Technical Industries, Ltd. I feel confident that
I can make a significant contribution to the company, and I am very grateful for
the opportunity you have given me.
As we discussed, I will report to work at 8:00am on Monday, November 1, 2006
as an Administrative Assistant with the starting salary of $35,000.
Thank you for the confidence that you have expressed in me. I look forward to a
long and productive career Technical Industries, Ltd.
Mary K. James
Mary K. James
Student Career & Employment Office
Moler Hall, Rm 107 Phone: 281.425.6572  Email:  Web:


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