Customer Satisfaction Survey


Customer Satisfaction Survey - Local Community Grants Fund
This questionnaire is sent as a follow up to your application for a Community Grant from the Inverleith
Neighbourhood Partnership. I would be grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to fill in this short survey.
The questions below are designed to help us understand how you felt about the overall service you received.
Your response will be used to help identify how we can improve services.
If you have any problems please contact me on 529 5001 or email
Thank you
Martina McChrystal, Partnership and Information Manager
Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership
North Neighbourhood Team
8 West Pilton Gardens,
Edinburgh, EH4 4DP
Customer Satisfaction
1. Name of the main person you dealt with:
2. Title of project undertaken or a short description of work undertaken:
3. Please tell us what you think:
Please tick as appropriate
How did you find the process of contacting the correct
staff and discussing your service request?
How did you find the overall attitude
of staff?
How did you find the competence of staff with whom
you dealt?
Please rate the time taken to complete the work you
Please provide an overall rating for the service you
4. Improvement to the service: we want to continually improve the service provided. Please
briefly describe the single thing that you believe would improve the service you received.
Please also add any comments that might help us better understand your service needs:
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Please return this to Elaine Lennon at
or post to address above.


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