Behavior Contract Template


Northgate High School Choral Music
The following rules will be followed:
I will conduct myself in a manner that is respectful of others whenever representing my
choir, either in or out of class.
I will follow instructions given by the teacher at all times. If I disagree with the teacher, I
will make an appointment to meet with her and discuss the issue in an appropriate manner.
I will not use drugs or alcohol at any choral music function or in class.
I will be musically and physically prepared for any and all assignments on the due date.
I will not pout.
If in an audience, while still representing my school, I will not distract any performer by my
I will sing every day to the best of my ability and be proactive in learning my music.
I will give my best effort during warm up.
I will do my best to be cheerful and positive.
I will keep my costume complete and in good order.
I will not be absent, except for illness, or late for class.
I will not participate in side-bar talking with my classmates.
I understand that, if I fail to comply with any of the above rules, I may not be allowed to participate
in any concerts for the rest of the quarter and will take an immediate F for the quarter.


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