Sample Behavior Contract Template


Sample Behavior Contract:
Effective Dates: From 10/20/99 to 12/20/99
Mrs. Jones, the teacher, will give Ricky a sticker to put on his
'Classroom Hero' chart each time he does one of the following:
turns in completed homework assignment on time
turns in morning seatwork assignments on time and completed
works quietly through the morning seatwork period (from 9:30
to 10:00 a.m.) without needing to be approached or redirected
by the teacher for being off-task or distracting others
When Ricky has collected 12 stickers from Mrs. Jones, he may choose
one of the following rewards:
10 minutes of free time at the end of the day in the classroom
10 minutes of extra playground time (with Mr. Jenkins' class)
choice of a prize from the 'Surprise Prize Box'
Bonus: If Ricky has a perfect week (5 days, Monday through
Friday) by earning all 3 possible stickers each day, he will be able
to draw one additional prize from the 'Surprise Prize Box'.
Penalty: If Ricky has to be approached by the teacher more than 5
times during a morning period because he is showing distracting
behavior, he will lose a chance to earn a 'Classroom Hero' sticker
the following day.
The student, Ricky, helped to create this agreement. He understands
and agrees to the terms of this behavior contract.
Student Signature:
The teacher, Mrs. Jones, agrees to carry out her part of this agreement.
Ricky will receive stickers when be fulfills his daily behavioral goals
of completing homework and classwork, and will also be allowed to
collect his reward when he has earned enough stickers for it. The
teacher will also be sure that Ricky gets his bonus prize if he earns it..
Teacher Signature:


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