Behavior Contract


Behavior Contract
Student Name: __________________
Problem Behavior:
Talking in class
Not working on assigned work/Off task
Throwing paper
Hands on other students property/computers
Leaving a mess/food or drink in class
Breaking class rules
Non-participation in class
Desired Behavior:
Work quietly all period on assigned work.
Ignore others if they try to talk to you or get you off task.
Keep hands to yourself.
Pick up after yourself.
Consequences for Problem Behavior
Strike 1:
Call home/Warning
Date: ______________
Strike 2:
Call home/Night School
Date: ______________
Strike 3:
Out of class with an F for a grade
Date: ______________
Teacher Signature
Student Signature
Parent Signature
Phone Call Script:
“My computer teacher is having me call you in her presence to inform you that I
have been placed on Step ___ of a behavior contract in her class for
___________________________. If you wish to speak to her directly, you can
either call her after school hours at 769-2927 or email her at


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