Behavior Contract 3


Behavior Contract
Ms. Jacobs’s English Class
Student’s Name: _________________________________________________
Date of Contract: _________________________________________________
This contract is an agreement between Ms. Jacobs and the student listed above. Ms. Jacobs is
responsible for discussing the requirements of the contract with the student, and the student is
responsible for listening and asking questions if he or she does not understand. The student will sign
his or her name at the bottom of the contract to show that he or she understands the requirements
and consequences and rewards of the contract. Ms. Jacobs will provide the student with a copy of the
signed contract. Upon request or at the discretion of Ms. Jacobs, the parent(s) of the student will also
receive a copy of the behavior contract.
Required behavior in class:
The student will have bellwork on his or her desk and be working on it quietly as Ms. Jacobs
enters the room to begin class.
The student will remain focused on the work being done in class.
The student will raise his or her hand if they need help with their work or have a question.
The student will avoid distracting other students from doing their work.
Your Choice
If the student fails to complete one of the
If the student succeeds in completing the
behaviors above, the below
required behavior for the length of the
consequences will take place:
contract, the student will receive – on
FRIDAY – one of the following rewards. The
student may choose the reward they wish to
Fails to do one of the four behaviors
Congratulatory phone call to parents
of successful behavior
Fails to do one of the four behaviors
One homework pass
again after being warned.
Verbal praise during class for correct
behavior for the entire week.
Free slushy
Continues to fails to do any of the four
You may submit your own reward
behaviors after verbal warning and
to me for approval.
phone call home.
Student’s signature:________________________________________________________
Teacher’s signature:________________________________________________________


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