Project Report Template Lean Six Sigma Certification


Project Report Template
Lean Six Sigma Certification
General Comments and Guidelines
The following template has been provided as a guideline for the preparation and
submission of your project report(s) required for Lean Six Sigma Certification. After your
post instructor has approved your project your report will be reviewed by the SSD Global
Certification committee to determine if your submission fulfills all the requirements.
Your project submission should:
APPLY TO YOUR PROJECT DO NOT USE IT – Remember this is just a
very good guideline to ensure project success.
Follow as closely as possible the layout and structure of this template
When you finish your project there should be no instructional language in
your report including this page
Contain similar headings or sections as indicated in this template
Be as specific as possible in terms of describing your Lean Six Sigma
project, including any supporting details or data that for the analysis and
conclusions drawn from your project
Closely adhere to the DMAIC, (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and
Control), including the description of the project, key milestones from
each phase of the DMAIC cycle
Present a professional, compelling and sufficiently detailed account of
your Lean Six Sigma project, and your role in that process
Typical Lean Six Sigma reports are 15-20 pages in length – sufficient to
provide a concise, yet complete account of your Lean Six Sigma project.
Include an executive summary which clearly states the outcome of the
project as well benefits to the organization/company that sponsored your
work in the project. This information will also be captured in the Control
Key process metrics before as well as after the improvement
Include the project timeline – the start, duration and completion of the
project and estimates of time spent in each phase of the DMAIC cycle
Once the committee has approved your report/s, you will need to bind a copy
and submit to the SSD Global, Inc. Binding instructions and address is on your
flash drive. You may wish to include pictures or diagrams to illustrate the project
opportunity. Your final cover page may want to include color and/or company
logos. Contact when your project has received final
approval for binding instructions. Certificates are only issued after the bound
report copies are received. It takes up to six weeks to receive a certificate but
you will automatically be listed on the database as a graduate.


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