Cover Letter Template


[Addressee -
Title Name Surname]
Line Address 1
Line Address 2
Line Address 3
RE: [Title - advertised on the internet or newspaper]
Dear [addressee – title and surname]
I hereby apply for the [title as advertised] internship position that was listed through [source –
newspaper or website (company website would be nice)]. I believe that my expertise, and
qualifications in [relevant subjects you did at university] will make me a valuable asset to your
organisation and I would appreciate your careful consideration of my credentials as presented in the
copy of my attached CV.
As the CV indicates, here are the reasons why I believe I am the candidate you are searching for
and how I will add value to [name of organisation] to achieve its [goals or Mission and Vision –
you better know these before you go to the interview]:
Reason 1 – some experience/achievement (but it must be relevant to field)
Reason 2 – (something that reflects your abilities – like your academic performance)
Reason 3 – (some skill you know – through your studies – better than anyone else)
I am excited about the possibility of joining your organisation as an intern for the next
[duration] months. I can be reached at [cell number] or [email address – have a nice email address
I will follow up with an email message to confirm that
preferably with your and surname].
you have received my application.
Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.
[Your Full Name]. [Cell Number]
CV attached.


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