Post-Job-Interview Thank-You-Letter Worksheet Template


Post-Job-Interview Thank-You-Letter Worksheet
Be sure to send a thank-you letter after every job interview to every person with whom you
interview. It’s just common courtesy to thank people for their time. Using this worksheet, though,
will enable you to add value to your thank-you letter by building on the strengths and minimizing
the weaknesses of your interview.
Review this worksheet before you go on an interview so you’re attuned to the aspects of the
interview that you can integrate into your thank-you letter.
Details of Interview:
Name of employer organization: _____________________________________________
Name of principal interviewer: _______________________________________________
Employer’s contact information (postal address, email address, phone number):
Date of interview: _________________________________________________________
Names of everyone with whom you interviewed:
■ Check here after you have verified spellings against the business cards you collected at the
interview or contacted the interviewer(s)’ assistant(s) to verify spellings.


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