Rental Increase Letter Template


Dear _______:
Joe Landlord
PO Box 1234
Anywhere , 55555
We hope you have enjoyed the improvements that have, and continue to be made, to
the property. Because of the increase in maintenance costs and upgrades, we must
reluctantly inform you that your rent is being increased by $______ per month, less
than _______ percent.
Effective ___________ your new monthly rent will be __________________.
Your current security deposit of ___________ will be increased by ________ to total
Please pay a total of __________ ($__________ rent + $__________ security
deposit increase) on or before ____________. Thereafter __________ will be
due on the 1
of each month.
We have been very happy to have you as a resident and hope you will stay with us. We
do not foresee any other rent increases this year. If you have any questions, please
do not hesitate to call.
Joe Landlord


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